Sunny Century 20th anniversary party

After 20 years of hard work, Sunny Century has become a well-known enterprise in the dining chair industry. On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the motherland China, Sunny Century Furniture also celebrated its 20th birthday. We held a grand celebration on October 18th. We invited important customers, suppliers, friends and family to celebrate this important moment together.


Party preparation

Our employees prepare a variety of exciting shows for the party one month in advance. Before the party, we also invited professional company to help us arrange venues and stages.


 Wonderful moment

The party began with a speech by CEO Mr.Sunny Lee, telling the history of his entrepreneurship and the history of the Sunny Century furniture. Mr.Sunny and main management staff toasting for everyone.


 Exciting shows started. First,our workshop staff performed a passionate dance; Then the son of the general manager Mr.Sunny performed the piano music-Melody Of The Night. To show our company culture,the management and office staff recited our company's business philosophy, Enterprise spirit--The Six Endeavors and the Great Learning.



Stable employee is an important factor in providing quality products and services to our customers. There are three great employees work in Sunny Century more than 10 years,so CEO Mr.Sunny specially prepared a generous gift for them. In addition to this, Mr. Sunny also set up a special contribution award to the R&D manager Mr. Liang.


Workshop staff Ms.Huang & Ms.Xia performed a very dynamic and energetic dance Trouble maker. Then, our excellent employee award winner, Mr.Xiang, who has worked here for 10 years, shared his experience in the Sunny century furniture. Mr. Chen from the R&D department sang a touching song-Mother,which touched and shocked many viewers. Next we entered the lucky draw. Our best-selling lounge chair as a gift.



The office staff performed a sign language dance-Family; Our R&D employee Mr.Li sang the song Victory Hands. Our excellent employee award winner, Ms.Liang, who has worked here more than 11 years, shared her experience in the Sunny century furniture. In order to express our love for the motherland, some of our female employees sang a song - I love you, China



Finally, Mr. Li personally directed our male employees to sing Singing the Motherland to end the performance of the party. Then there is a surprise, the management and employees secretly prepared gifts for the company's birthday.


At the party, we invited the instructor, important customers and guests to rate our program and select the top three as below. 



Our party was very successful. The audience rated us very high. The venue layout and the shows are great. Many programs touched the audience. Our corporate culture is in line with the spread of positive energy.

Sunny Century is on the sunny road, marching toward the great rejuvenation, marching into the future for countless decades!

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