Happy Annual Autumn Trip

The current situation of the epidemic in China is under control, and our daily lives are nearly normal. Our annual autumn tour was held as planned on Nov.8th,2020. This year's tourism activities are very rich and everyone had a great time.

Early in the morning, we gathered at the company to distribute masks, emphasizing the travel precautions. Then get on the bus in an orderly manner according to the divided groups. It takes 2.5 hours by car to Qingyuan.

We arrived at the first place at about 10 o'clock. Here we climb the stairs and there is a platform to overlook the entire urban landscape of Qingyuan City.  This place is suitable for daily exercise, of course we have also seen some elderly people practicing Tai Chi here.

The second activity is to take a boat trip to see the scenery along the way. We are full of expectations for seeing the scenery by boat, and of course the scenery along the way is really great. We also enjoyed local dishes on the boat. It feels good to have a meal while watching the scenery on the boat.


The last place is our most anticipated which is a Grand Canyon with glass bridge.The scenery on the glass bridge is really exciting. Warmly sunny,green trees,clean stream,we looks like very enjoy and relax on the nature. We were happy to take pictures on the way and shared many pictures.

After the end of the travel, the general manager Mr. Lee also prepared nice dinner for us. Everyone is tired but very happy. Everyone has sent WeChat Moments to thank the company for its benefits. Sunny Century has always pursued the material and spiritual happiness of all employees and is really practicing this business philosophy. This is why all old employees stay here to work and are willing to introduce their relatives and friends to work here too. 


The happy tour is over and the next is busy production tasks. At the end of the year, everyone will work together to complete all production tasks and delivery good quality products to our customers on time. 

Here you can find the full range of the Sunny Century collection at a single glance.We hope this full range of the Sunny Century collection at a single glance.