Sunny Century Company Autumn Tour 2019

November 30, 2019 is a sunny and special day, because we have our annual Autumn Tour. This year we went hiking in the Ziyun Valley and Antelope Canyon Ancient Forest Park in Zhaoqing city.


Early in the morning, all of our employees assembled at the company. After more than one hour's drive and steamship finally arrived at Ziyun Valley.


The beautiful scenery, the clear lake water, and the fresh air make us feel refreshed,especially for staying in the city long time.


Laughter ended the morning trip. Take a group photo.


After lunch we started to challenge the 10km hike.

Before leave,we put on our 20th anniversary suit and take a beautiful photo.


From the beginning to the end, from 0 km to 10 km, the long road is ups and downs, just like the development of sunny century furniture. We will always encounter difficulties to varying degrees on the way forward, we will feel tired and want to stop and rest, but Never thought of giving up! Because there is sunshine in our heart. On the way to the sun and success, marching towards a great revival! Towards to a centennial strong enterprise!


Tiredness and pain coexist

But the heart is happy

As the group photo ends

Our journey to Zhaoqing also came to a successful conclusion.

Looking forward to the next journey!

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