Sunny Century Skills Competition 2019

October is a busy season. Learning and progressing while busy is also essential. In this busy season, our company still insisted on holding the employee skill competition. Let employees show their craft ability and level.


The skill competition is divided into different production process. The competition scoring standard is quality first and speed second. The reason why we conduct skill competition is to improve the quality awareness and personal promotion awareness of the our employees.


The hardware department started skill competitions first - welding, grind,polishing, and leveling departments were held successively.

Then we our foam bonding,sewing and upholstery workshops also have the skill competition. Our colleagues are very focused on joining the competition.


After this skill competition, the quality awareness of our employees has become more stringent. Provide our customers with higher quality products while guaranteeing delivery time.


At present, we have more than 150 employees and we can produce 36 containers of chairs per month. We will do better next year and future.

Here you can find the full range of the Sunny Century collection at a single glance.We hope this full range of the Sunny Century collection at a single glance.